Guided Meditation
Sit in a beautiful, safe and tranquil space and let me guide you through a relaxing journey for one glorious hour, where you don’t have to think of anything but what I am saying.
Your body goes into deep relaxation as all your muscles unwind from any tension that has built up and those persistent thoughts that crowd your mind simply float away as you listen to my voice.
At no time are you unaware of your surroundings, this is not hypnosis; you are simply focusing on my voice and what I am saying.
At no time are you ever asked to think of ‘nothing’ as that is not how guided meditations work and it is impossible to stop your mind from thinking something, even in sleep.

  • I suggest you wear comfortable clothing, nothing too tight or restricting
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • If you get cold easily I suggest you bring an extra layer of clothing 

COST: $15
Open sessions for anyone. Book in advance on: 0407 789 745 or email me HERE

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