Release Your Stress Movements


Release Your Stress Movements

A set of gentle self-help stretches to be done at home. There’s no age limit as alternative movements are included if needed. The stretching harmonises the body and mind, bringing relaxation and increased mobility. It is available either as an eBook or a Hardback, with a Video and Quick Reference Guide together as a package or separately.

This Book is a unique self-help manual showing how to do these easy to follow movements to help gain relief from back and neck strain, heartaches, stress relief, plus give a wonderful sense of calmness.

It goes into great detail about the movements, breathing, and positioning. There are plenty of pictures showing what position you are meant to be in at the start of each movement, with another picture of the position you need go to.

There are alternative movements shown and described for anyone who finds that they are unable, at the moment, to get into the full position.

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Release Your Stress Movements - Hard Back book


You can order the book through Book Depository using this link:

Release Your Stress Movements - E book

AUD$ 9.95

Download the book onto your computer to save on postage and be able to read it at any time. Use this link to pay and send me your details

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