I started dance lessons at the age of 4 to copy my big sister and have loved dancing and movement ever since. After finishing school I auditioned for a Stage School that gave me a great start to the professional world of acting and dancing, working professionally for a number of years. But I felt something was missing in my life. A friend suggested Transcendental Meditation, which introduced me to meditation. This led me to searching for a more spiritual occupation, which is when I discovered Healing Shiatsu. I graduated four-years later as a Healing Shiatsu practitioner.

My love of learning continued with becoming qualified as a Dance Instructor, and a Sports Massage therapist. I started a business where I would do Massage and Shiatsu during the day and teach dance to adults in the evening.

During this time my partner and I drifted apart, both going in different directions, but we had already planned and paid for a trip to Australia, so we still went, but separately. Whilst there I fell in love, got married and had a beautiful daughter. I put most of my attention into raising our beautiful daughter, occasionally doing a bit of Shiatsu and Massage. Five years later, however, we separated, leaving me devastated.

Being a single mum, with no family support, I decided to get a teaching degree, so I could share the school holidays with my daughter. This meant I had no spare time for anything else, so my Shiatsu and Massage had to be put on hold. Then, during my first year at Uni, and not long being separated, my mum, still in the UK, passed away. I became overwhelmed and after returning from the funeral, I lost all motivation and enthusiasm and after limping along for a semester, I finally gave up and quit my course.

Life then really started to spiral downwards. I was in an abusive relationship, depressed with no self-confidence, and then, to top it off, in 2008, my daughter and I were involved in a horrible car accident, driving home from her school disco, when a car crossed over the road in front of us. It was a major impact, with both of us needing hospital treatment. This was followed by two more car accidents within the same year. None of them my doing, but leaving me with permanent neck damage, a sore back, headaches, severe depression, and stress. To top if off, I was told dancing was now thing of the past!

It continued with years of doctor’s visits, painkillers, traction, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments. I was at my lowest ebb. I was unfit, putting on weight and really didn’t like myself, but didn’t care enough to anything about it.

One day I came across my Dance, Shiatsu and Massage course work and a little spark ignited. I remembered some exercises and movements I had learnt back then and thought it was worth a try. Slowly my body responded to the movements and meditations, not only increasing my flexibility but also lifting my mood to one of more positivity. With renewed energy and enthusiasm, I joined a dance group and enrolled in a Law of Attraction Life Coach course, and after qualifying, started my business: Release Your Stress. I was encouraged to share my journey, so I wrote a book about it, called: Release Your Stress Movements – A Simple Guide to Feeling Relaxed, Focused and Stress-Free.

I now have an amazing partner who fully supports me, and my daughter who is flourishing. I can now truly say: I love my life!





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